With a diverse background in technology and finance, I have developed a unique blend of skills that enable me to innovate and excel in complex, data-driven environments. My journey has been marked by my experience in accounting and business development, and by my ventures into full-stack development, LLMs (Large Language Models) , and machine learning. 

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During my tenure as a financial controller and accounting software specialist, I have navigated the complexities of financial operations spanning multiple entities. As a web application developer, I have honed my skillset using a variety of technologies, focusing mostly on Python-based infrastructures. Working in finance, and with both front and back-end development, I have a uniquely global perspective with which I take great pride in offering solutions to problems.

Some of my recent projects include REAI, a real estate application that automates data extraction from lease documents, and Market Prophet, a web-based toolset for analyzing financial market trends. I have also developed complex technical indicator systems for notification and execution of trading opportunities, and Chat Stream Fade, enhancing user experiences with dynamic text effects for LLM chat responses.

My commitment to lifelong learning and deep-seated passion for problem-solving fuel a continuous pursuit of exceptional performance and results in every project I undertake.