Task: Use AI to develop a coding ‘companion’ that is fluent in every programming language. This assistant can plan out steps to solve problems, consider alternative approaches, and execute the composition of and entire application from start to finish.

Method: Harnessing the power of OpenAI’s custom GPT functionality, Roger Codeman was borne from pure prompt engineering and OpenAI’s latest model.¬†Through a series of clear and explicit set of instructions, the custom GPT is dynamic and versatile.

Result: Released a hyper-intelligent friendly coding GPT partner that guides users through the entire process of development from inception to completion.¬†The bot can browse the web for the latest updates to APIs, draw diagrams of complex processes, refactor code to meet a user’s specifications, and strategize and execute a fully-functional computer application in virtually any language.

Above and Beyond: Codeman now features the ability to connect to a user’s Dropbox, navigate and download files to review before responding, and create and delete repositories on Github. Looking forward, the next steps will be the ability to work on a Github branch and request code reviews when a push has been made. This would represent a strong step towards full autonomy and a significant increase in the productivity and capabilities of one human monitoring several Codemen.

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