College Wins Coze.com's AI Bot Challenge
College was the proud winner of Coze.com‘s Hackathon. The task was to create a learning-centric bot on their platform. College won the award for best all-around bot bot on the site.


Task: Use AI to create an engaging and interactive educational companion called College. Make the learning process more enjoyable and effective by incorporating the ability to choose any topic and give the AI awareness of the user’s astrological personality profile.

Method: Through meticulous prompt engineering and integration with OpenAI’s latest model, offer a dynamic and personalized educational experience. Users select their preferred subject and difficulty level, provide their birth date and time to determine personality traits, and the bot generates a tailored learning journey.

Result: Launched a highly interactive and personalized educational GPT named College. This chatbot guides users through their learning experience, adapting to their progress and personality, and provides relevant challenges and feedback. 

Above and Beyond:  The roadmap for College includes integrating with various educational resources and platforms to offer a more comprehensive learning experience. Future updates will focus on enhancing longer-term memory and collaborative interactive projects, significantly boosting the versatility and effectiveness of College as a viable educational tool.

Chat Channels:
College Featured on Coze.com Front Page
College was featured on the front page of Coze.com in their recommended bot section.